Slow Performance using Sage 100?

We receive occasional questions regarding performance with Sage 100 – task windows opening slowly, posting delays, and the like. In some cases, a simple computer reboot can resolve the problem – especially if the performance issues have recently appeared and no other changes have been made on the network or computer. However, in situations where the performance issue persists or is network-wide, your anti-virus solution may be the culprit.

Slow performance in Sage 100 tasks can sometimes be caused by Anti-virus software targeting or interfering with the functionality of Sage 100 program, system, or data files. It is easy to determine whether your anti-virus program is directly affecting Sage 100 performance: simply temporarily disable the anti-virus product to determine whether performance improves. Consider speed, file locking problems, and any other error messages that have been encountered during testing.

If you have determined that your anti-virus product is affecting Sage 100 performance, consider the following possible resolutions:

  • Disable any aggressive or continuous (also known as On-Access, Constant, Real-time, or Network Scanning) monitoring or scanning of these Sage 100 programs:
    • “..\MAS90\Pvxwin32.exe”
    • “..\MAS90\Launch32.exe”
  • Avoid running scans during the work day. We’ve seen several instances where Sage 100 users were unable to use the program due to a scheduled anti-virus scan beginning during the work day.
  • Exclude the “..\MAS90” directory and sub-directories and contents on the server where Sage 100 is installed. Do the same on the workstations if using Sage 100 Advanced or Premium editions.
  • If unwilling to exclude the entire “..\MAS90” directory, consider excluding the following file extensions on both the server and workstations:

In most cases that Sage 100 users have experienced slow performance, we have found that the above changes resolved those issues.

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