New Features Arriving with Sage 100 ERP 2015 – Vol. 1

Sage 100 ERP 2015 will be released later this Spring, and it’s time to review what new or improved features we’ll see in this release. We’ll start out with enhancements to the Library Master, or System Control, module as well as global enhancements to the program.

According to Sage, many of the changes and updates to the 2015 release were based on requests by customers. One of the most frequent requests I’ve seen, especially from our customers who are global distributors, is the ability to add Canadian Postal Codes to the Zip Code database. With the 2015 release, we will now be prompted to install the Canadian Postal Code library during the installation or upgrade process. Once installed, we will be able to maintain Canadian codes using Zip Code Maintenance. In addition, Sage will also be pre-populating the Country Codes table with the codes for each country in the World. The codes will be the same country codes used in Sage CRM, as well as additional codes defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In addition, a new field has been added to Country Code Maintenance to designate whether the State field is required when entering addresses for that company.

Zip Codes

There are two new Tasks options in Role Maintenance regarding the ability to export or print Sage 100 data from lookups and grids. This new security feature will allow administrators to control who in the organization has the rights to export data from Sage 100 into Excel from all lookups, including Customers, Vendors, General Ledger Accounts, and Inventory. When these tasks are disabled, the Print and Export to Excel buttons in the lower right corner of the lookup screen will be disabled.


Role - not enabled

Most Sage 100 ERP users know that in version 4.4, the ability to color code task windows by company code was added to the system. However, many customers complained that the colors either made it harder to read the field title text, or that the colors were, well, UGLY. In version 2015, we will now have the option to define the color of either the task windows’ frame or the entire background, which will alleviate the contrast issues with the field text and present the different color-coded company windows in a way that is more pleasing to the eye.


color sample

Many users who work in multiple companies during the course of a work day will be glad to know that a new feature in User Maintenance will allow the user to retain the module that he/she is working in when changing company codes. In the past, changing the company code would default back to the Library Master module; now, the user will automatically be placed into the currently opened module when changing company codes (if option is selected in User Maintenance).

retain module

For the Sage Business Partners and System Administrators out there, Sage has added more detail to the Activity Log. In addition to adding a new activity type (System Setup Options Activity) to better allow us to view changes to any module’s options, the information available is being increased to allow us to view the changes made in detail.

detail log

A new button has been added to each Lookup window to allow the user (with the correct security rights) to access the system Lookup Wizard for that Lookup table, allowing any customizations to the Lookup to be enabled for multiple company codes and/or users.

lookup1 lookup2


A new button has been added to many windows in Sage 100 to allow the user to sort by multiple columns in ascending or descending order, giving the user the flexibility to view the available data in the way he/she wishes to view it. For example, when selecting invoices for payment in Invoice Payment Selection, users will have the option to sort the displayed items by Vendor Code (or Name), as well as by Due Date and/or Amount. This new feature will be found in A/P Invoice Payment Selection, Check Maintenance, and Manual Check and Electronic Payment Entry; A/R Cash Receipts Entry; and Bank Reconciliation Check, Deposit, and Adjustment Entry, and Reconcile Bank.

multisort1 multisort2 multisort3

New functionality in Paperless Office will allow the user to access the Paperless Office Reports Viewer directly from the Report task window.


This feature has been added to the following tasks:

  • AP Vendor Contact List
  • AP & AR Repetitive Invoice Listing
  • AR Customer Contact Listing
  • GL Sage Payroll Services Activity Log
  • IM Item Valuation Change Register
  • IM Standard Cost Adjustment Register
  • IM Missing Count Card Listing
  • PO Vendor Purchase Address Listing
  • SO Customer Ship-To Address Listing
  • RMA – RMA Receivers
  • RMA Generate Transactions Listing
  • LM Role and User Reports
  • LM Activity Log Report
  • VI Job Listing
  • VI Data Dictionary Listing
  • CO Customizer Summary Report
  • CO Customizer Detail Listing

In addition, the PDF driver used to create the Paperless Office documents will be updated in version 2015.

In our next article, we’ll take a look at enhancements in the core financial and payroll modules.

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