Sage 100 ERP 2014 Coming Soon

Sage has announced that Sage 100 ERP 2014 (The Software Formerly Known As Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) will be available for download by business partners and customers on Sage Business Care in the February-March 2014 time frame. Partners and customers will be notified by e-mail when the exact release dates are announced.

With the 2014 release, Sage increases connectivity to the cloud, offering web and mobile capabilities to help you run your business. Sales and Service users will have the ability to access customer information, invoice and collect payments while in the field. Sage Inventory Advisor will allow Procurement users deep visibility into inventory to properly manage stock levels.

In addition, the following enhancements will be available to all users:

  • An Autocomplete feature has been added for customer number, vendor number, and item code entry fields;
  • The ability to have Custom Reports print screens remain open after printing or previewing the report;
  • An Invoice List button has been added in Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry, allowing the user to quickly reference invoices entered in the current batch;
  • An Invoice List button has been added to Repetitive Invoice Entry in both the A/P and A/R modules;
  • The ability to keep the General Ledger Print Financial Reports window open after printing or previewing has been added;
  • Payroll updates, to include:
    • the ability to include up to 16 different Box 12 codes on the W-2 form;
    • Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance Contributions; and
    • W-2 mappings and Disability Insurance setup for Puerto Rico;
  • Sage Intelligence has been added to the Sage 100 ERP Menu and will be installed during workstation setup;
  • Sage Intelligence will be compatible with the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013, and will feature enhancements to the User Interface; and
  • Enhancements in Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 ERP.

The Sage Data Cloud will allow your company to tie your on-premises Sage 100 ERP system to the cloud, allowing you to take advantage of new solutions and integrations to help your business improve customer service, increase sales, and make better business decisions. Cloud solutions will include Sage Billing and Payment, Sage Mobile Sales, Sage Mobile Service, and Sage Inventory Advisor. I’ll have more information on these offerings in a future post.

As previously announced, the Electronic Reporting module is being retired in 2014. The standard menu tasks for Accounts Payable Form 1099, Payroll Quarterly 941 Form, and Payroll W-2 Form printing, and the W-2 and 1099 file creation in the Electronic Reporting module, will not be available in Sage 100 ERP 2014. Customers will be able to utilize the plain paper printing capabilities of Federal and State eFiling and Reporting by Aatrix to manage their payroll forms and accounts payable forms.

Federal and State eFiling and Reporting by Aatrix will be replacing the Electronic Reporting module. Federal and State eFiling and Reporting includes approximately 250 federal and state forms such as: W-2, W-3, 941, 1099, Unemployment, Withholding, and New Hire forms to facilitate filing payroll and accounts payable tax forms. Companies will be able to print and/or e-File 250+ signature ready State and Federal tax forms from within the Sage 100 ERP integration to State and Federal eFiling and Reporting by Aatrix. Additional fees will apply for users who want to take advantage of the Aatrix eFiling services.

I’ll post more about the 2014 release as I receive more information.

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2 Responses to Sage 100 ERP 2014 Coming Soon

  1. Scott Beck says:

    How different is this new system compared to the old one? I have heard some users say post upgrade that it seems like a new interface to learn and that they fear that they need to backup and redo only tasks.

    • That depends on how many version back you mean by “the old one”. Sage has improved the functionality, as well as the interface, module by module through version 4. The data entry processes remain the same, there is simply a new look to the tasks, and the new interface is customizable by user to allow users to work how they want to. Version 2014 will look and feel the same as 2013, which looked and felt just like version 4.5. So, if the user has been updating the software through the years, there is no learning curve on the tasks they are familiar with, but there are new features to enable and learn.

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