News from Sage Summit 2013: Sage Inventory Advisor

One of the highlights of Sage Summit 2013 was the introduction of the Sage Inventory Advisor – a cloud-based program that’s helping companies reduce excess inventory and working capital while eliminating out-of-stock conditions. Sage Inventory Advisor was introduced as a unique add-on solution for Sage 100 ERP (The Software Formerly Known as Sage MAS 90 and 200).

 What is Sage Inventory Advisor?

Sage Inventory Advisor is a web-based application that connects to your Sage 100 ERP system, crunches your inventory, sales, and purchasing numbers, and delivers a real-time health-check on your inventory stock levels and movement.

Leveraging the power of a sophisticated forecast engine, the Sage Inventory Advisor delivers data and insight that helps determine the optimal investment required to achieve target Fill Rates.


The graphical, web-based dashboard displays key performance indicators so you can quickly identify problem SKUs and drill into the underlying data for deeper insight. Sage Inventory Advisor will also monitor inventory status and provide early warning for critical items such as items out of stock or nearing out-of-stock status, as well as excess and surplus orders.

How Does the Advisor Benefit the Business Owner?

Any business owner or manager who has ever struggled with supplying customers with in-demand items, or trying to effectively deal with overstocks without losing his/her shirt, will identify with the benefits of the Sage Inventory Advisor:

  • Reduce excess inventory and carrying costs by 10%-15%
  • Reduce working capital and free up cash that’s tied up in excess inventory
  • Improve Fill Rates and reduce Out-of-Stocks
  • Reduce the amount of time spent forecasting movement
  • Cloud-based program ready to use, with no outlay for additional hardware

The Sage Inventory Advisor is a complement to your Sage 100 ERP Inventory system; it is not a replacement. Your day-to-day sales, purchases, and inventory management still occur in Sage 100 ERP; the Sage Inventory Advisor adds advanced forecasting and planning features that work hand-in-hand with your Sage 100 ERP components and data.


Sage Inventory Advisor is offered as a monthly subscription service with the monthly rate determined by the number of SKULs (SKU Location). For more information, check out the web site:

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