Sage to Insource Business Care Renewals

Several years ago, Sage outsourced their Support and Maintenance Plan renewals to ServiceSource International, Inc. (SSI). At the time, this caused considerable confusion among both end-users and Sage Business Partners – who, at the time, were responsible for invoicing customers for renewals. As of September 30, Sage will end their relationship with SSI, and Sage will contact customers directly regarding their renewals.

With this transition, the overall renewal process will remain the same, but the following changes will be in effect:

  • Business partners will be assigned a Sage Business Care representative by product line.
  • Customers with August, September, October, or November 2013 renewal dates will still communicate with their current SSI sales representativeĀ as the primary point of contact.
  • Customers with a renewal date of December 1, 2013, or beyond will deal with their new Sage Business Care representative. The Sage team will begin making calls regarding renewals starting September 23, 2013.

Business partners and customers will receive notification regarding their new Sage Business Care representative and contact information no later than October 31, 2013.

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