Sage 100 ERP 2013 – A Quick Tip

In previous versions of Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) you would install the program on client workstations by simply running the wksetup.exe in Windows Explorer. We have discovered that when installing version 2013 on client workstations that you must use the Autorun.exe executable and not the setup.exe program. We also recommend that you right-click on the executable and select Run as Administrator.

Why? Sage 100 ERP 2013 requires several pre-requisite software installs on Windows 7 and Windows XP computers before the program can install, including a .NET update, Windows Installer 4.5, and two Visual C++ updates. The .NET and Windows Installer installs require a reboot on most machines. These pre-requisites do not display or load if you simply use the Setup.exe program to run the workstation setup.

If you do not install the pre-requisites first, you may think that you have successfully installed the client workstation – until you click on the icon and the error messages appear.

We also recommend that you run the WksUpdate Standard.exe program after installing the workstation and after any product updates.

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