Payroll in the Cloud

If you know me, you know that the part of consulting that I enjoy most is training end-users, and that I strive to make the concepts I teach simple and easy to understand. Through all of my careers, I have always followed the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Silly! Simple makes all of our lives easier.

Which brings me to today’s topic. I viewed a demonstration today of an online payroll solution that simply blew me away. Paycom Online is a complete online Payroll and HR Administration program that, for me, exemplifies the “S” in Simple. All of the tasks to be performed by either administrators or employees are on one friendly user interface, and the interface itself is clean and friendly to users. The Paycom database is all-encompassing for both the payroll and HR applications, so changes to employees are all one-off changes – one stroke and the employee is updated in all facets of the database. Reporting is easy, and available in multiple formats, and a custom reporting tool is an easy point and click application. And, unlike some online payroll providers, Paycom stores your prior years’ data for easy access by both administrators and employees.

All in all, this is the best online payroll solution I’ve seen in many years.

Paycom tells us that they will integrate with any Accounting or ERP system, and with any Time Clock system. During setup, they will review your General Ledger with you and assist with creating the report you need for upload into your system. They will also assist with configuring your payroll to include manufacturing, job costing, and other essential details needed for your reporting or record-keeping purposes.

There is probably a whole lot more that time constraints prevented me from seeing or asking about during the demo, and I will be sure to do more research. If you’re looking for a new payroll provider, Paycom is definitely worth a look. For more information, go to In Florida, you can contact Kim Murgio, our sale representative, at


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