Copy an Existing Inventory Item Memo to Another Item

I was asked recently if there was a way in Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) to set a memo code for an inventory item that would be available globally for all inventory items. Unfortunately, Sage 100 ERP does not have a global memo option, but it is possible to create a memo for one item and then copy that memo to additional items as needed. This feature is available in versions 4.40 and above.

To copy an existing memo code from one inventory item to another, follow these steps:

  1. In Item Maintenance, open the inventory item that contains the memo you want to copy, and click on the memo button to open the Memo Selection window.

    Memo Copy 1
  2. Select the memo that you wish to copy to another item code.
    Memo Copy 2
  3. In the Item Memo Maintenance window, make any changes to the settings that you wish to make and click the Copy button.
    Memo Copy 3
  4. If prompted, save the changes to your memo.
    Memo Copy 4
  5. In the Copy Memos dialog box, select the item or items to which you will copy the memo. You can select one item, a range of items, or multiple items using the Equal To operand and separating your values with a comma.
    Memo Copy 5 Memo Copy 6 Memo Copy 7
  6. Click Proceed.
  7. Your memo is successfully copied to the item code(s) that you designated.
    Memo Copy 8


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