Sage Payment Solutions Responds to Credit Card Breach at Major US Processor

Last Friday, a major Atlanta-based payment card processor, Global Payments, announced a server security breach that could potentially affect more than 1.5 million accounts. On Sunday, Global Payments released a statement saying that while more than 1 million card numbers may have been compromised, cardholder names, addresses, and SSN numbers were not affected.

Sage Payment Solutions, the credit card processing division at Sage, released the following in response to the breach:

The announcement of a credit card breach with one of the major US processors has again brought security to the forefront of the minds of all businesses who accept credit cards and the companies which serve them.   While Sage was not impacted by this breach we are keenly aware of the dangers of such fraudulent attacks and have taken many steps to prevent such an event. 
As a part of our ongoing focus on security, Sage has implemented many features, process, and enhancements to reduce our risk of successful attacks which includes:
• Systems which are PCI SLP Level 1 compliant
• Dedicated IS team that reviews all attempted intrusions in an effort to stay ahead of the criminals
• End to End data encryption between all open systems; including mobile payments, which does not require this level of security.
• Hardware level encryption on unsecured devices
• Credit Card tokenization
• Employee level security (no credit cards stored in the clear on any systems)
• The continual decrease of scope on internal systems which have access to credit card numbers
• Use of high end software and hardware technologies to protect data
Today’s criminals are highly sophisticated and well financed.  Our efforts to stay ahead of these threats is an on-going discipline and challenge.  Sage is fully committed to assuring the security of our customers data and will continue to spare no expense toward that effort.

If you are considering a change to your existing credit card processor, or if you just have questions about Sage Payment Solutions, contact your Sage Business Partner, who can put you in touch with your regional Sage Payment Solutions advisor.

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