2012 Form 941 Update and Quarter 2 Tax Table Update for Sage ERP 100

Sage has released the 2012 941 Form update for Sage ERP 100 (the Accounting Program Formerly Known as MAS 90 and/or MAS 200). The update is compliant with the changes made by the IRS to the quarterly 941 Form, and includes text and line number changes to the Report Formats, ‘Entire Form’ ‘Pre-Printed’ and ‘Worksheet’. On page 2 of the 941 the boxes to enter the state abbreviation for where you mak…e your deposits have been removed. The font size for the ‘Entire Form’ and the ‘Pre-Printed Form’ has been changed to 10, and commas have been removed from numeric printing.

On the Quarterly 941 Printing window, the check box Tax Deposits Made in Multiple States and entry field State Where Tax Deposits Were Made have been removed. There are no changes to the Schedule B for 2012.

Note: The “Pre-printed Form” format has been designed based on the downloaded 941.pdf from the IRS website. If you use the “Pre-printed Form” format the alignment may need to be adjusted or the form may need to be modified.

 Sage has also released an update to the Sage 100 ERP Tax Tables for 2012 Quarter 2 that affects Florida employers. This update will decrease the UI wage base to $8,000. The Tax Table can be installed in versions 4.2 through 4.5, and it, as well as the Form 941 update, can be downloaded from the Sage Customer Portal.

For assistance with downloading or installing the Form 941 Update or the Tax Table Update, contact your Sage Business Partner.

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