Using Expense Distribution Tables in Sage ERP MAS 90 & 200

Streamline the entry of your standard invoices in Accounts Payable when you need to regularly allocate them across multiple departments. The new Expense Distribution Table feature (available in version 4.40) allows you to pre-define your GL account distribution and their percentages, removing the extra steps of keying in the amounts separately each time an invoice needs to be paid. Utilizing up to six alphanumeric characters, assign meaningful codes for your tables. When creating a Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 invoice you may select one of the tables for your default distribution.

To set up expense distribution tables:

  1. Select Accounts Payable Setup menu > Accounts Payable Options.
  2. In Accounts Payable Options, on the Entry tab, select the Enable Expense Distribution Tables check box.
  3. To allow the total distribution amount for all accounts in each table to be less than 100%, select the Allow Total Distribution to be Less than 100 Percent check box. When tables with a distribution percentage total less than 100 percent are selected in data entry tasks, the remaining balance must be manually distributed. Click Accept.
  4. Select Accounts Payable Setup menu > Expense Distribution Table Maintenance. The Expense Distribution Table Maintenance window appears.
  5. In Expense Distribution Table Maintenance, type a code and a description for the table.
  6. Enter the G/L Account numbers and the percentage amount that you want to be distributed to each account. The total distribution amount appears at the Total Percent field.
  7. After entering all of the accounts, click Accept.

The distribution table is now set up and ready for use in A/P data entry tasks.

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