Sales Order and Purchase Order module Enhancements in Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 version 4.5

Better late than never – we’ve been discussing the new enhancements coming in Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 version 4.5, due to hit end-users in the fall of 2011. Previously, we’ve discussed global upgrades and enhancements to the A/R and Payroll modules. Today we’ll take a look at the new features in the Sales Order and Purchase Order modules.

The Sales Order module will be enhanced in version 4.5 with features and functionality in six main areas, as well as the ability to create a purchase order automatically from within a sales order, a feature that was available with Sage Extended Solution SO-1489. Pricing will be available to be set by product line, by customer, and for total item quantities, as originally provided by Sage Extended Solutions SO-1005 and SO-1173. Users will now be able to distribute by lot and serial number from Sales Order Entry (SO-1175). Companies who split commissions among salespeople will now be able to establish split commissions by customer and maintain rate tables to match salesperson, customer, and item (SO-1417 and SO-1354).

New functionality in version 4.5 will automatically create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order, allowing customers to save time and reduce data entry errors. As in Extended Solution SO-1489, information will flow through to a Purchase Order without having to reenter information, limiting secondary data entry mistakes. Companies who operate on a business model where they don’t order until a sale is made will experience huge time savings; they will be able to preset the conditions for creation of Purchase Orders directly from the Sales Orders process.

Version 4.5 will also allow a company to set default price levels for each of their customers by product line. This will allow them to make it easier to incent or reward their customer with special discount pricing at the product line level,. Because discounts will be able to be pre-set for each customer by price code or by ship-to code, order entry staff will not be burdened with having to refer to additional documentation to determine the correct pricing for customers. This enhancement will be especially helpful to companies that carry a large inventory line, allowing the company to reward loyal customers while more effectively challenging competitive pricing pressures.

Pricing flexibility will also be enhanced to include the ability to establish unit pricing based on the grouping of items and how item totals are calculated. Users will be able to specify totals and associated pricing by the total of products in a product line, the total for specific groups of products in a product category, or by the total sum quantity on the order. This flexibility will be especially useful for manufacturers and distributors of products who offer many different colors and sizes of the same items. To facilitate this functionality, a new section, Item Pricing by Total Quantity, will be added to Sales Order Options on the Line Entry tab.

Sage is promising enhanced Sales Order integration with the Job Cost module, but this is still in development at press time. All we know for now is that t new Job Cost tab will be added to the Sales Order Options window that will allow the user to select additional options regarding integrating with the Job Cost module.

For those companies using Lot and Serial valuation methods, version 4.5 will feature new functionality that will allow a company to select certain lot and serial numbers during Sales Order Entry. This enhancement will allow companies to reserve limited-quantity lots or serial numbers for their best customers and give the company the ability to match the product previously shipped to the customer. The selected lot and/or serial numbers can be printed on the sales orders and picking sheets for more reliable processing and communication. This functionality will be enabled in the Sales Order Options window on the Line Entry tab.

Finally, two new enhancements affecting the way commissions are calculated through the Sales Order module have been added. The first enhancement will allow users to establish and maintain default Split Commissions between multiple salespeople by customer. For example, if you have an inside and outside salesperson who both receive commission when a sale to that customer is processed, you will be able to set commissions so that each salesperson will receive the established share of the commission for that sale. After the default split commission has been set up for a customer, this commission split will default automatically, rather than having the enter this information  each time an order or invoice is created for that customer. You can set up default split commissions for a primary salesperson and up to four additional salespeople.

The second commission-related enhancement will allow the user to set up salesperson commission rates by combinations of salesperson, customer, item and effective date using a new maintenance program. For companies with different pricing tiers for specific customers, a large number of items, and with multi-tier commissions, thes new commission rate tables will provide an established and automatic method for ensuring their salespeople are paid correctly. Commission rates in the new maintenance program will be used for calculating line item commissions for inventory items on the sales order invoice, and will override any commission rates set up for items in Item Maintenance, or the commission rate entered for the invoice.

Also included in version 4.5 will be more than 35 enhancements that have been added to the product since the release of version 4.4. The additional features and functionality span across Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Credit Card Security, Inventory Management, Job Cost, Library Master, Paperless Office, Payroll, Purchase Order, and Sales Order. With the version 4.5 release, Sage completes the initiative to integrate the most-used Sage Extended Solutions into the core MAS 90 product.

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