Payroll Enhancements in Sage ERP MAS 90 & 200 version 4.5

We’re discussing the new enhancements coming in Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 version 4.5, due to hit end-users in the fall of 2011. Previously, we’ve discussed global upgrades and enhancements to the A/R module. Today, what’s coming for the payroll module.

New key Payroll features and functionality are being added in 4.5 to the ProvideX version of MAS 90 & 200 that will offer more flexibility, streamline the data entry process, and provide more consistent and accurate calculations for deductions. The new 4.5 Payroll functionality will include five additional deduction calculation methods for processing payroll, the ability to automatically perform deduction recalculations and set deductions based on earnings type, provide enhanced Visual Integrator importing of common time management software formats into Payroll Data Entry, and the ability to establish a minimum number of hours worked for benefit accruals.

Five new calculation methods will be available for Payroll deductions in version 4.5:

  • Based on Paid Hours will provide a calculation for the total hours worked multiplied by the pay rate multiplier you choose.
  • Based on Pay Rate will calculate the selected pay rate multiplied by the number that is entered. When selected, an additional drop down box will be displayed to allow the selected rate to be chosen.
  • Based on Regular plus Overtime Hours will automatically provide a calculation based on the sum of regular and overtime hours multiplied by the pay rate.
  • Percentage of Total Hours will be calculated based on the total hours worked, regardless of regular or overtime, multiplied by the percentage you establish.
  • Percentage of Deduction Method will be calculated during tax calculation such as Percentage of Net Wages and is only available for Employer Contributions. When this method is selected, an additional field will be displayed to allow the selected code to be entered.

In Payroll Data Entry, workflow will be improved to automate the deductions based on changes in the earnings line. You will be able to automatically recalculate the deduction while still in data entry, instead of deleting the information and then reentering. This will save valuable data entry time when running employee payroll, particularly with the various payroll complexities that businesses face today. A new line on the Additional tab in Payroll Options will allow you to enable this feature.

The Deduction Calculation Based on Earnings Type feature will allow you to use payroll deduction codes according to a specified earnings type in order to calculate based on “Percent of Gross” or “Total Hours Worked”. This will allow an employer to calculate benefits such as a Pension Plan and 401K contributions based only on regular, sick and vacation earnings. A new “Earnings” button will be available in Deduction Code Maintenance to allow the selection of specific earnings types to be used for calculations.

New features and functionality will also be added to the benefit accrual processing in version 4.5 that will provide the ability to manage accruals based on hours worked, which can be used to support salaried employees, union employees, and part-time employees. This new functionality will use the code assigned to an employee, compare the Minimum Hours Required for Benefit Accrual with the hours worked, and assign accruals only if the conditions set are achieved. New Minimum and Maximum Hours fields will be added to Benefit Schedule Maintenance to enable this functionality.

Finally, the Visual Integrator module will be enhanced to support importing a few of the more common labor management and time tracking systems into Payroll Data Entry. This enhancement will be particularly helpful when performing multiple data imports for regular, vacation, and sick time. File layouts and sample imports will be included for the five most popular data import formats:

  • Format 2 – Fixed Field Format
  • Format 3 – ADP Format
  • Format 8 – “TimeBank” or Kronos Connect Format with  department number + employee number imported
  • Format 8 – “TimeBank” or Kronos Connect Format with only employee number imported
  • Format M – Fixed Field Format for Timetrack v8.0

Next week, we’ll discuss the new features coming in the Sales Order and Purchase Order modules.

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